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Lack of Sales Isn't Your Problem

April 2018 - By Andrea Olson

CEOs, while not wrong, are overlooking the most critical component to growth – customers. While one might believe that sales and customers are one in the same, they are radically different. When we think about growth in terms of sales, we are focused on the product, service, or company offering. We are focused on quantity and not quality, and by quality, we mean profitability.

Who Is Your Customer?

March 2018 - By Andrea Olson

It seems odd, but many organizations and companies we've worked with have a hard time knowing who their customer is. You would think this is a simple question to answer - who is your customer? The challenge is too many organizations take a narrow perspective when defining a customer.

What Customers Really Want

February 2018 - By Andrea Olson

As successful business leaders, we feel we have a handle on what our customers want. Leveraging anecdotal feedback from the sales force, formal studies by the marketing team, data capture from customer service, and overall competitive research, there's a strong level of confidence of what customers are needing and how we can serve them. Or are we secretly in the dark?

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No Disruptions: The New Future for Mid Market Manufacturing

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The first book to holistically examine the challenges of the skeptical, change-resistant mid-market manufacturer. In the most recent data, manufacturers contributed $2.17 trillion to the U.S. economy. For every $1.00 spent in manufacturing, another $1.40 is added to the economy. That is why the continual modernization and progression of the manufacturing industry is essential.

The Customer Mission

Available in June 2018

What is your customer mission? It's a question which this book examines in depth, looking at how today's companies can shift from an internal focus to a customer focus by transforming their core organizational behaviors, mission, and values. Blending psychology, real-world examples, and actionable guides, The Customer Mission dives into how organizations need to change perspectives to effectively compete in today's marketplace.

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Keynote Presentation: IMEC Conference on Enterprise Excellence

February 2018 - Chicago, Illinois

For all the industry talk about being customer-focused, few companies are truly are. It’s all too easy for organizations to become inward focused and think about their own activities rather than what their customers are going through. Andrea Olson, author of “No Disruptions” and CEO of Pragmadik, talks about how organizations need to step back from their assumptions and shift their strategies to center on recognizing, responding, and rewarding customer-centric actions and behaviors.

Key Session Presentation: MDMC Conference on Digital Marketing

March 2018 - St. Louis, Missouri

In today’s global environment, optimizing processes and reducing costs are only half the challenge. Effectively communicating and differentiating your company, products and services is essential to stay ahead of your competition. Learn how global manufacturers can leverage marketing and global branding to increase their competitiveness.